Who are we?


We are a missional YWAM community based in Herrnhut, Germany. Our vision is simple but it is not small. We live to see Jesus glorified, we go so the nations can encounter him and be forever changed. 

God has been speaking to us about a new wave of missionaries to be sent out; disciples willing to go and longing to reclaim the inheritance and calling God has given. The vision is to see thousands of new workers sent into the nations.

The vision is for a new movement not like any before! A revolution… sweeping across Germany before spreading out into all the nations of the earth. Seeing generations united together, bound through common purpose. Without limits as to the commitment and creativity used in reaching the goal. Mobilized and called to response. Empowered by the life changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to LIVE REVIVAL, REACH THE LOST and TRANSFORM NATIONS.

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What is YWAM?


Why Herrnhut?


In the 1700’s a group of persecuted Moravian Christians found refuge in the little town of Herrnhut, Germany. They came under the care and leadership of a man named Count Zinzendorf, whose life motto was “I have one passion: It is Jesus! Jesus only!”. They grew together as a community who wanted more of God and fervently pursued His presence. One evening during a meeting, the Holy Spirit came upon the entire congregation (they called it their own "Pentecost") and the town of Herrnhut was marked forever.

Soon after their Pentecost, the group of Moravians were divinely inspired to begin day and night, 24 hour, intercession (prayer) which lasted for over 100 years! Prayer produced a desperation to see Jesus known. From this came what we now know as the modern day missions movement, inspiring the likes of John Wesley, William Carey and our own founder Loren Cunningham. What better place to be! With the same vision and passion we want to join in with what God started here over 300 years ago!