what is a bible core course?

The Bible Core Course (BCC) is a condensed version of the School of Biblical Studies, in which students will discover, in chronological order, the story of God and his love for his people throughout history, growing in their understanding of the truth of his character and love. BCC students will be equipped with tools in how to study the bible. While growing in their ability to teach and effectively communicate through the word, they will also be challenged to engage in worldview discussion and the impact of the bible being applied in society today.



The BCC is a 14-week course, in which students will walk through the bible in chronological order, discovering the story of God's love for his people throughout history, and his redemptive plan for the world.

During this course, students will study 13 pivotal books of the bible using the Inductive Study Method, while reading all 66 books in context. Students will also be equipped to teach what they are learning in a variety of settings on local outreaches that will be take place throughout the course of the school. There will be an optional international outreach at the end of the school, in which students will be provided a platform for continued growth in understanding and communicating biblical truths, as well as having a real and far-reaching impact on the body of Christ in the nations.



The BCC mainly focuses on using the ‘Inductive Study Method’ when teaching students tools of bible study. This method allows students to look at scripture without pretense, their own preconceived ideas of what something means, or even what they have been previously taught. It allows them to “see” the bible for themselves, giving them the opportunity to discover with fresh eyes and hearts what God has to say through the word.

This inductive process uses the literary genres, literary context, and historical background surrounding each book to help students develop their own well-informed conclusions regarding the most likely meaning of biblical passages. This process leads to greater authority and understanding of what it looks like to apply the bible to their everyday lives.

The three main steps of the Inductive Study Method are:

OBSERVATION of the text until you “see” the clear meaning of the words.

INTERPRETATION of the most likely message to the ORIGINAL Readers (not you), guided by both the literary and historical context.

APPLICATION of those principles and truths in your life and society today.




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The bible is not written to you, but for you.