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— Jonathan L.

In short Kerusso means: To Preach, To Proclaim, To be a Herald of the Good news. We believe a generation is be raised up, that will carry the heart of their King like never before. Those who will be bold enough to use their voice, as an ambassador of Christ, and represent the Kingdom of Heaven. a people who will feel whats on His heart, renew their mind to think His thoughts, and desire to see the world around them touched by God.

The vision of Kerusso is to see these ambassadors walk passionately in love with Jesus and desire to take the transforming culture of the Kingdom into every sphere of life. Daily walking in identity and authority as Sons and Daughters in Gods Kingdom, doing all that Jesus told us is possible.

Our heart is to equip participants in the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. Creating a place to cultivate a Kingdom mindset that empowers you to boldly proclaim Jesus, and see heaven invade this world through salvations, healings, signs and wonders. We provide a safe, loving, and dynamic environment to grow in Prophetic evangelism through learning to discern the voice of God with clarity and integrity. We want to demonstrate the truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom, by bringing transformation to the streets, cities and nations, all birthed out of worship, intercession and an intimate relationship with Jesus.

Its a call to boldness, radical love, and a desire to join with God in seeing the reality of Heaven come to earth with every breath you take. There is a need to get this Gospel out to the nations. We get to be the ones to carry the light, where others don’t dare to go.

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