REVIVE is a Discipleship Training School committed to seeing the presence of God be the center of every student's and staff's life - we desire to set a platform for intimacy with Jesus that will last not only for a season, but for a lifetime! Through worship, prayer, and intimacy with Jesus, we want to raise up a REVIVED generation who is devoted to see revival brought to Germany, Europe, & the nations. We are made to be a generation of steadfast, wholehearted, lovers of Jesus who can't help but spread the best news that ever happened - the gospel!

Through the REVIVE DTS we believe we will see a generation trained and equipped. We want YOU to join us as we build upon the legacy of one of the longest revivals in history!

DTS is structured in two halves that together form a six month course. Lecture phase and outreach phase. Lecture phase learning comes through teaching from those with profound personal experience, small group discussions, practical implementation, community lifestyle, times of reflection, worship and prayer. Outreach looks to put into practice things learned through an exciting cross-cultural missions experience.


Learning a lot about who God is and how we apply biblical truths to our daily lives. We aim to be transformed so we transform the world around us. Topics include:

Nature and Character of God
Father Heart of God
Hearing Gods Voice
Praise, Worship and Celebration
Prayer and Intercession
Evangelism and Sharing the Gospel
Healthy Relationships
Identity and Original Design
Laying Down Your Rights / Fear of the Lord / Lordship of Christ
Holy Spirit and the Gifts
The Great Commission and the Call to Missions
Bible Overview / Foundations of Worldview
Spiritual Warfare

Dates: 25th Sept 2018 - 14th March 2019
Application Fee: 60€
Housing Deposit: 40€
Lecture Phase: 1500€
Mini Outreach: 150€
Residence Permit: 145€ (if applicable)
Outreach Phase: 1500-2000€ (excluding airfares)
Email: dts@ywamherrnhut.com
Languages: English, German


YWAM Herrnhut has a vision to go to the most unreached. Those who have never heard the Gospel of the good news of Christ. All our DTS outreach locations go into the 10/40 window. 



In the 1700’s a group of persecuted Moravian Christians found refuge in the little town of Herrnhut, Germany. They came under the care and leadership of a man named Count Zinzendorf, whose life motto was “I have one passion: It is Jesus! Jesus only!”. They grew together as a community who wanted more of God and fervently pursued His presence. One evening during a meeting, the Holy Spirit came upon the entire congregation (they called it their own "Pentecost") and the town of Herrnhut was marked forever.

Soon after their Pentecost, the group of Moravians were divinely inspired to begin day and night, 24 hour, intercession (prayer) which lasted for over 100 years! From this came what we now know as the modern day missions movement.

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