Discipling Nations (Online Study)

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Course Curriculum:

Module 1: Introductory Studies: The Power of the Bible to Change Any Country
1.1    The Storyline: “The Transforming Story” with Darrow Miller
1.2    “The Book That Transforms Nations” with Loren Cunningham
1.3    “The Old Testament Template” with Landa Cope
1.4    “Rediscovering the Great Commission” with Bob Moffitt
1.5    “The 7 Mountain Mandate” with Bill Johnson & Lance Wallnau [optional]
1.6    “Dreaming With God: Your Vision for Your Nation”

Module 2: Bible Studies: Biblical Foundations for the Christian Worldview

Module 3: Worldview Studies: The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures
3.1    Introduction: “The Kingdom of God” with Scott Allan [optional]
3.2    “The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures” with Darrow Miller
3.3    “The Belief Tree” with Darlene Cunningham & David Hamilton
3.4    “God Revealed in the Spheres of Society” with Landa Cope & David Hamilton
3.5    “Occupying the Spiritual Gates of Your City” with Alan Vincent [optional]
3.6    “A World in Despair” [optional]
3.7    “Defining Your LifeWork – A Biblical View of Vocation” with Cope & Miller

Module 4: History Studies: How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization
4.1    Scene Setting: “Turning Points in Church History” by the Lausanne Movement [optional]
4.2    History at Crossroads: “A Christian Manifesto” with Francis Schaeffer
4.3    “How the Bible Created the Soul of Western Civilization” with Vishal Mangalwadi
4.4    “The Missionary Roots of Global Democracy” with Robert Woodberry
4.5    “From A Biblical Worldview to the Rise of Secularism” with Darrow Miller [optional]
4.6    “The Great Awakenings and Missions Today” with Ralph Winter

Module 5: Kingdom Studies: Creating Kingdom Culture
5.1    “’On Earth as it is in Heaven’ – The Historic Battle for Our Hearts” with The Bible Project
5.2    “Creating Kingdom Culture” with Bill Johnson
5.3    “Kingdom Lifestyle & the Ministry of the Holy Spirit” with Bill Johnson
5.4    “Becoming A Change Agent” with Os Hillman
5.5    “A Paradigm Shift – Driven by Prayer” with Ché Ahn [optional]
5.6    “Your Place in HIStory – Discovering Your Calling” with Darrow Miller [optional]

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