Dates: 27th March 2019 - 29th August 2019
Application Fee: 60€
Housing Deposit: 40€
Lecture Phase: 1850€
Residence Permit: 145€ (if applicable)
Outreach Phase: 1500-2000€ (excluding airfares)
Email: dts@ywamherrnhut.com
Languages: English, German



This school is about getting out of the box and going where no one else is going. It’s about getting to know Jesus and taking His challenge to go to the Ends of the Earth. The word “Explore” means to search and discover about something, to think or talk about something in order to find out more about it. An “Explorer” is someone who travels to places no one has ever been in order to find out what is there. This Discipleship Training School is all about exploring who God is, His heart for the nations, and the role of His people in transforming nations; becoming explorers ourselves as we bring the light of the gospel to unreached peoples.


DTS can be a life-changing 6 months. It’s six months focused on getting to know Jesus and bringing people into that truth along the way. There’s nothing that compares to living life with Jesus, and DTS is designed to bring you closer to Him as you follow Him in a live-learn environment. The first 3-months you will be participating in different lessons about who God is and our part in His story.

Some of the topics that will be covered in DTS: 
The Nature & Character of God
Hearing God’s Voice
The Gospel
Biblical Worldview

Explorers DTS has a strong focus on missions, and we want to respond to Jesus’ call to the best of our ability. Some of the themes we may want to explore during this time are the giftings of cultures, Kingdom culture, biblical community, perseverance and character, needs in the nations, strategic missions, vision, new initiatives in reaching the lost, and pioneering.

As the Explorers DTS, we will be going out on the road and traveling for 3-4 weeks during the lecture phase! We will be partnering with different pioneering teams and ministries around Europe. This year we will be going to PRAGUE, VIENNA, & BUDAPEST.


There are a lot of places and people that have been labeled too hard or closed for the gospel, but we believe in an unstoppable gospel and there are no limits to what God can do! The 2-3 month Explorers DTS outreach will be focused on locations that are largely unreached or unengaged with the gospel. Be prepared for an adventure as we experience life in these places, partner with local ministries and believers, and live out the truths we gained during the lecture phase!

Exploring is an adventure, but it’s not just about the adventure. It’s a challenge to go into the unknown. If you’re ready to step into the unknown and discover that Jesus is there, even in the darkest, hardest, uncharted places- then come join us this Summer for this new DTS!